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Marble Countertops are the Desired Choice of Many

The materials that we choose when we renovate a home are a direct reflection of both our personalities and how we anticipate using the space.  Tremendous time, care and finances are used to ensure that the right decision is made.  Resale value of a home is often based on the kitchen and bathroom and for […]

Staying Green and Stylish with Marble Countertops

When you think of marble, some things that may come to mind are sophistication, beauty and class. It has been used in every possible interior and exterior application, and is becoming increasingly more popular for countertops.  It is available in an array of colors, and only becomes more aesthetically pleasing over time.  It is suitable […]

Why All Kitchens Need Granite Countertops

If you flip through a home or garden magazine, or look at popular real estate and renovation shows on television, you will notice a common trend: many people want to put granite in their homes, such as interior granite countertops and exterior features as well. Granite is found in many countries around the world, like […]

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